Simplified Systems for the Scaling CEO

Biz Blueprint is a 6 month group program that enables you to define, create and implement your core biz systems, in your dream tech stack. You will walk away with an automated and efficient client management system, using Dubsado, Airtable AND any Project Management tool of your choice.

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There’s so much opportunity and money to be made...

And you’re not tapping into the possibilities!

You're missing out on sales because new leads are falling through the cracks...

You’re focusing your energy in the wrong places because you don’t have a data management system in place to make informed biz decisions...

You have no idea of your capacity and it's impacting your ability to scale...

You want to hire a team but have no clear processes in place to hand off to someone else to manage...

Let’s tap into that opportunity by defining, creating and implementing your client journey with the support of a Systems Pro in your back pocket.

Working with Ashley has been 100% worth the investment. She took a very chaotic system and workload, something that had been pieced together over the years, and turned it into a cohesive system that covered all the bases. She helped me and my VA learn a new software that could integrate with my existing programs and make my life easier. When ever an issue arose or I had a concern about the process, she was so friendly and kind, and really listened to my input and ideas to make sure that the new process worked for me. Her support is outstanding and her ability to take so many moving pieces and make them all work together is incredible. I had a lot of my Dubsado system set up already but again, in a very pieced together way, with no "expert level" knowledge of how to really make it all click for extensive project management. Ashley provides that expert level knowledge, shares everything she knows, and brings so much to the table to help prepare you for your work moving forward. 

Ashley Triggiano of Ashley Triggiano Fine Art

Define, Create and Implement Your
Client Journey
with a Systems Pro in your back pocket!

You’ll receive a special invitation to our quarterly co-working sessions to get sh*t done. And you’ll get a DoorDash gift card to stay nourished while you work. 

Immediate Gratification

 Each week I’ll be there (live on Google Meet) giving you the support you need, when you need it. We'll meet each Tuesday at 10am CST with pop up sessions possible!

Weekly Office Hours

You'll receive access to our trusted Dubsado, Airtable AND Zapier templates as well as trainings from Industry Experts to help you continue to grow and scale your business. 

Resources Galore


1:1 Support

Because you need it. The curriculum is great and you’ll gain so much from the office hours, but you’ll need some 1:1 time.
You’ll receive (1) 60 minute session with options to earn or pay for more if needed. 

You’re not alone! You’ll be going through this process with other like minded business owners. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from one another as we all elevate.

Immediately upon joining you’ll get access to the program curriculum. This curriculum is based on the framework that’s transformed the client experience of over 100 services.

Instant Access

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Here's the breakdown!

Say less, I'm in!

I know that sounds too good to be true. But I've designed this program to go as fast or as slow as you want!

Jam packed with easy to follow video content, process guides, group coworking sessions, and weekly office hours calls - I'm here to help you get sh*t done. 

I’ve transformed over 100 services and helped CEOs like you go from being burned out and overwhelmed to getting paid and onboarding clients without lifting a finger. My goal for you is to finish this program with the support and confidence you need to continue to grow and scale your team efficiently. 

"I booked a client for a custom order last week that took me all of 5 minutes to set up. She already knew what she wanted and emailed me but sending over the proposal and invoice is so much easier than it used to be, and the client was so happy with the process too!

This is definitely a case of you don't know what you don't know! Thank you for making workflows and automations make sense to me 🥳"

Love from Past Students!!

Program Investment

Pay in Full for $2500 
5 Payments of $500

You'll be able to setup THREE tools, in as little as THREE weeks at half the cost!

This Program is For You If...

You’re a highly motivated Service Provider

You are comfortable with tech and looking for hands-on guidance to building efficient and scalable business systems

You have a profitable Signature Service

This is for me!

This Program is NOT For You If...

You are a Product based business owner without a service component

You are looking to sign up your VA and not do any work

You are still trying to figure out your offer and framework

talk strategy instead

"I knew I wasn’t very good at setting up systems & workflows by myself because I leave them half-finished and forget to update them over time, but I had no idea how much easier it would be to have an expert guide me through the process."

Love from Past Students!!

Meet Your Integrator

Hey there, I'm Ashley!

To keep it simple, I'm your Chief Systems Officer. I take your complex problems, and find ways to simplify them. With both a background in Project Management and Business Analysis, I'm able to identify processes in your business that are either slowing you down, or negatively impacting your client's journey and experience with you.

My goal isn't just to save you time (saving you time is the easy part!) - I want to fully level up the way you interact, manage, and fulfill offers for your clients. I want to help you provide a cohesive experience. An experience that not only feels like quality, but looks that way too. From your website, to your forms, and even email copy - I want to transform each phase of interaction from lead to signed client.  


I analyze your current systems and client journey in order to simplify it so that you can easily scale your business.

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Hey there, I'm Ashley!

Chief Systems Officer