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We’ll craft your step-by-step 12-week implementation plan
 so you can hit your next revenue milestone with simple systems, a supportive team, and a seamless client experience.

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Introducing the Chief Systems Officer Intensive

Chief Systems Officer Intensive is for growing business owners who want to achieve their next revenue milestone with simple systems, a supportive team, and a seamless client experience.

We'll identify quick systems wins that will save you 10+ hours a week right away, then give you a custom 12-week implementation plan so you can grow a business that is simple, strategic and runs smoothly without you. 

Your solution to a stress-free business

Feel supported by your systems and your team (if you choose to hire!)

Eliminate imposter syndrome around your offers + price + delivery

Always be in your CEO energy - not sucked into daily admin

Replace the mindset you have to do it yourself with a thought partner

We'll do the hard work so you can:

Simplify your systems and have high-ticket touchpoints that impress + retain clients

Get ready to ditch the mindset that you have to do it all yourself, with me as your thought partner! 

2-Hour Planning Call

Done-for-You Implementation

12-Week Implementation Plan

Client Experience Process Documentation

Hiring Plan & Onboarding Checklist / Tech set up

Business Operation Hub

Standard Operating Procedures

Your Investment: $3,500

Choose to either DIY your plan or have me join your team as your CSO with dedicated monthly support for 3 months and save $500!

You'll have everything you need to grow your business, your way


2-Hour Planning Call

Our kickoff call is my chance to assess your highest priority painpoints (and for you to vent!). We'll talk through the issues keeping you up at night and identify which items I can implement for you immediately. 

The remaining items we discuss, and that are included in your intake form, will be mapped out in your 12-week plan.

Done-for-You Implementation

Following our call - I get to work on quick wins to help you immediately cut down on admin, busywork, and overwhelm - and implement those changes in 2 weeks.

This work will immediately help you save 10+ hours a week! 

12-Week Implementation Plan

To bring those big ideas to life, you need a plan.

I will set up and prioritize your project goals in your desired project management tool. From there you’ll have a step-by-step plan to make the full transformation of your systems, team, and client experience (or hire me to do it for you!).

Client Experience Process Documentation

After mapping out your process, I will document your client’s journey so that you can deliver a consistent high-level client experience without fail.

You’ll be able to feel confident in your client experience - all the way from hello to goodbye. 

Hiring Plan & Onboarding Checklist / Tech set up

You'll receive a hiring and onboarding checklist and have the tech in place to interview, hire and onboard your new or next hire within 2 weeks.

You’ll know what direction to take your team - either hire, let go, or restructure so that you’re making the most of their time, and you feel supported.

Business Operation Hub

Setup of your operational command center in Airtable or the tool of your choice, so that you can scale your business based on the facts and not gut feeling. 

You’ll be able to see all your key business data within a single click.

Standard Operating Procedures

I will create your Operational and Client Management SOPs in the recommended tool, and create the foundation and automation needed for ALL of your business processes. 

You’ll be able to know the who, what, and when of anything going on in your business.

How does it work?


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During our 2-hour planning session, we will align on the scope of your intensive to resolve the highest priority pain points in your business for me to go implement. I will then create a custom 12-week implementation plan for the remaining project goals identified.



I'll implement quick wins within 2 weeks of your planning call. I'll also make sure you have a solid SOP framework in place, hiring plan, 12 week plan and everything you need to confidently move forward with your goals.

We'll meet 1:1 for atleast 2 hours to work through your current process steps, where they can be optimized and simplified, and layer on automation where possible.

Following the Workflow Session, you can kick your feet up! All work will be completed by end of day on Friday. Consider this your VIP Week!

Workflow Optimization & Execution


You won't be left hanging! You'll receive a 60 minute Project Walkthrough call to make sure you're comfortable and confident with your setup from start to finish.

Following the walkthrough call, you'll have a Systems Pro in your back pocket, along with access to a custom video library for an additional 2 weeks!

Succeed with Support



Often times I find that CEOs have hired too soon. While you have a VA/OBM you’re likely not utilizing their time or talent well. This offer will support you AND them to refine your business processes and systems while creating a plan you’re confident they can help you to implement. 

You define what scaling means for you! 

Scaling doesn't have to mean hiring a team member. Scaling can be expanding your offers, serving more clients or my fav - doing absolutely nothing! 

Whether you're a soloprenuer or looking to hire your first or next team member this is for you!

Not a damn thing! lol  

Come as you are, with the systems you have! I will work to untangle things so that you can be more clear and confident in how your business is running then ever before.

Ok you will have a brief intake form, but it's designed to get you to brain dump and think freely. Your goals, your painpoints, your struggles.

After that, I do the heavy lifting.

If you have a proven high-ticket offer (4-figure or more) and framework, this intensive is likely for you.

Yes! We can continue to work together for $1500/month for dedicated support. There is a three month commitment so that we can execute your implementation plan over the entire 12 weeks.

Stop putting your big ideas on the back burner with a project manager to create a plan to bring those ideas to life.

Finally enjoy your day off instead of worrying about things getting done in your business. 

Wake up feeling relieved because you have processes and automations doing the hard work FOR you

Take a leap and do something new - you’ve had a project on your heart for months, create the space to finally do it

Confidently hire a team member to step in and support you the way you need (or have your systems be your team!)

Fall back in love with what you do and how you do it

Never wonder if things are slipping through the cracks or getting done while you're away. 

You can do less AND impress your clients. 

Jaz was experiencing notification overwhelm - after awhile she just began ignoring them! We worked to  revamp her set up to minimize lists and spaces, create an efficient SOP process, a CEO dashboard and allow her to easily review and  complete tasks.

Case StuDy

This included:

ClickUp Overhaul

We created a way for Jaz to onboard and offboard all of her 1:1 and program clients without having to lift a finger. She's now able to track every applicant, where they are in her sales funnel, every client, every payment they've made,  AND support requests in a single place.  

Program + Memberships Hub

Jaz's business was quickly outgrowning her soloprenuer setup! We worked to put a foundation in place using SOPs and a custom Airtable Hub to hire and onboard new and future team members

Hiring Plan

Jaz and I worked to find ways not to just free up her time, but give her the creative space and energy to step into her role of CEO. 

We continue to meet monthly to find ways to make her big, strategic ideas a reality.

Thought Partnership

 Simplify your systems and have a high-ticket client experience that secures and retains clients. 

Here's Proof - Meet JazMedia

What Our
Clients Love

Working with Ashley has been 100% worth the investment. She took a very chaotic system and workload, something that had been pieced together over the years, and turned it into a cohesive system that covered all the bases. She helped me and my VA learn a new software that could integrate with my existing programs and make my life easier. Her support is outstanding and her ability to take so many moving pieces and make them all work together is incredible. . Ashley provides that expert level knowledge, shares everything she knows, and brings so much to the table to help prepare you for your work moving forward. 

Ashley Triggiano Fine Art

Working with solution integrators was an absolutely amazing experience. Communicating my needs initially felt overwhelming also considering that I went through this process once before. As a result, I came in with trust issues and not much expectations. Ashley’s expertise, customer service and deliverables blew my mind. This experience was top notch and I’m still beating myself up for not going to her initially. I highly recommend!

Lavish Launch Agency

The Systems Strategy session was absolutely necessary and I would definitely recommend this before investing in software and setups. Ashley can give you the information you need to invest in the best software for YOUR business, help you maximize those software for where you're currently at and make a plan for how to update as you grow and scale your business.

Kim Powell of Explore Simplicity

Ashley is a once in a lifetime gem. She is very informative, clear, and easy to work with. Her transparency keeps me coming - she shares insights that have worked for her and relates them back to how they can work for me. She is quick on her feet and willing to provide solutions that may benefit me in the long run! Thanks for all you do, Ashley! 

Royal Executive Assistant

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