3 Ways I Use SmartSuite with My Clients

3 Ways I Use SmartSuite with My Clients

Unless you’re new here, you know I love SmartSuite. SmartSuite is an all-in-one workflow management platform. With SmartSuite, teams can easily plan, track, and manage workflows, whether it’s a one-time project or an ongoing process. 

I want to share how I use SmartSuite with my clients to give you some ideas on how you can use the tool too! There are many ways to use this tool, but these are just three ways I use SmartSuite with my clients most often. 

1. Task Management

Task management is something you will almost always have with any client. In the beginning, you meet with your clients to understand how you will help them, which will help you create a list of tasks to accomplish together. 

Having a task management tool like SmartSuite will help you work smarter within your business. With an organized platform, you’re likely to be more efficient, ultimately resulting in more success for both of you. SmartSuite understands not every project is created equally, which is why they have many templates to jump-start your projects. Templates can be tailored to the project’s specific needs. The templates range from single-use to larger milestone projects and even complex systems management.

Being able to share your projects with your clients, break them down into smaller tasks, and create a priority to-do list will help you both feel more productive. Having all the tasks for a project in one place and setting deadlines will give you and your clients a sense of accomplishment as the project moves on to the next stage toward completion. Using this planning tool will help you organize and prioritize all your projects. You can also run progress reports to help you both stay on track.

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2. Take Meeting Notes

There can be a lot that goes into client management when working with new and existing clients. You need to keep track of what you cover in all your correspondence. Meeting agendas are great to use, but as we know sometimes topics come up that are not on the agenda. SmartSuite uses a feature called SmartDocs and has templates that offer full-feature editing and the ability to delete any demo data all at once that you don’t need. When you start with a template, you can customize it to your needs, or you can create your own from scratch.

Using SmartDocs will help you and your clients pay attention and retain topics discussed in your meetings. You also can tag fellow team members or clients in meeting notes to remind them of to-do’s. You can also insert media and videos into meeting notes for reference. If your meeting has multiple topics, you can create tags for different discussion points or projects. This way, you can filter your notes for just one topic and see what has been discussed in more than one meeting. Plus, you won’t have to take the time to read through all of your past meeting agendas.

SmartDocs also help create valuable reference materials for yourself, your clients, and their teams. Because SmartSuite is more than just a plain document, it easily converts the notes in SmartDoc into tasks and to-do lists for everyone involved. All these features in SmartSuite help to declutter your mind and relieve stress on all parties.

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3. Goal Planning

A business needs to have clear goals and objectives to flourish; goal planning is essential to growing a business in any capacity. When you map out goals for your business, they should bring visibility, opportunity, and cash flow. Goal planning will vary from business to business and even owner to owner. The first step is brainstorming actionable steps, then identifying realistic steps toward the goal. Set your business’s key performance indicators (KPIs) and build a good business routine to help you reach your goals. Next, you want to break down your goals into smaller achievable steps.

Goals should be SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound), so why not use SmartSuite? Pun intended 😀 SmartSuite’s planning tool has comprehensive goal-setting capabilities for you to use with your own business and your clients. You can monitor the progress of your client projects you’re working on with real-time goal tracking. 

Because SmartSuite is customizable, there are many ways to track, adjust, and update your goals and projects. A customized visual view allows you to plan and track your goals in SmartSuite. It can also be motivational for your clients! All the work both of you put in will reflect visually in your dashboard. SmartSuite has tons of templates where you can customize your goal planning to make it easier to track your goals. You can also create your own templates or what they call Solutions or New Solutions. This allows you to create your own plans from scratch!

SmartSuite is a versatile workflow management tool to streamline your workflows and increase productivity for everyone. The comprehensive planning tool allows for easy goal-setting and tracking, while the task management feature helps keep you and your clients on track to meet goals. The meeting notes feature is also incredibly helpful for client management, allowing you to keep track of important discussions and topics covered in meetings. With all of these features, you can see why I love it! SmartSuite is a valuable asset to add to any business or entrepreneur’s tech stack. Try it out today!

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