Get access to the EXACT Airtable Operations Hub that I use in my own business! 

Are you at capacity? Or have you just done a poor job at planning?

No idea where your leads are coming from? Looking to track feedback all in a single place? 

My Airtable Ops Hub includes a Lead Tracker to view your conversion rate at a glance, my go-to Availability planner to track all potential and active client projects, a way to track your client records + lifetime client spending, and more! 

Airtable Operations Hub + Mini Training

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Using the lead tracker I'm able to, at a glance, see all leads that have inquired to work with me, where they've found me and what their current conversion rate is. I can then use additional views or the Interface view to see my monthly/quarterly conversion rate as well as how well my business performs across industries and social media platforms. The mini-training includes tips on setting up automation and zap recipes to automatically add and/or adjust the lead data from Dubsado to Airtable. 

Airtable Lead Tracker

I used to give my clients way too much freedom to pick and choose when they started working with me, instead of me telling them my available start dates. Sound familiar?

Now, at the start of the year, I map out ALL project start dates for my services. I build in breaks for when I may want to take a vacation, the holidays, or to simply rest.

Airtable Availability Planner

Take the guess work out of trying to figure out interfaces. This hub includes a ready to use interface for yearly biz stats as well as a year over year view. 

Once you enter in your biz metrics, the interface automatically updates!

interface setup + ready to use

Keep up with your offer suite, deliverables, offer phases and how well your offers are performing!

Trying to pull data from multiple tools/forms can be a pain! Using Airtable, I send an on-brand form to all of my clients to gather their feedback, and have the ability to view it all in a single place. 

offer manager + feedback tracking


I analyze your current systems and client journey in order to simplify it so that you can easily scale your business.

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