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Airtable Setup

The data management tool you didn't know you needed. Content Hub? Lead Tracker? Finances Hub? The possibilities are endless.

It’s time to ditch the google sheets, friend. Gasp! I know that seems tough to do, but hear me out. 

✓ Easily track your new leads, your conversion rate, and your most popular service or product at a glance

✓ Manage your capacity by creating an Availability Planner to track active and available projects

✓ Confidently review your biz growth metrics each quarter to make key decisions

✓ Manage your entire group or coaching program from enrollment to feedback to offboarding

With Airtable you can:

✓ Create an email and social media content hub while also tracking content performance

✓ Create and share an application to hire new team members and document interview feedback

✓ Track your product inventory

✓ Launch a new offer, create your launch emails, your offer application, and launch content all in a single place

Process Audit

Custom Base Build

Process Resource Guide

Post Support

This offer includes:

Your Investment: $3,500

$1000 due to secure project date. Remaining balance split into two equal payments.


Process Audit & Optmization

Throughout this process, we'll work 1:1 to develop and optimize your Airtable bases to best suit your unique process flow.

During our 2-hr Project Kickoff Call, we will review and detail your process steps, identify areas for improvement (your DREAM process steps), and layer on automation where possible.

Custom Base Build

Once we have the plan of attack in place, I will create and set up your newly optimized Airtable bases with automation, quality checkpoints, and seamless triggers unique to how YOU do business. No cookie-cutter workflows here!

Includes build for up to 3 unique bases as determined following our kickoff call

Process Resource Guide

Following implementation day, we'll meet for 60 minutes to answer any questions you have and formally kick off your support window. You'll also receive a resource guide detailing your new client journey, your custom video library, and helpful resources to empower you to use your new setup.

Post Support

3 weeks of Support via your Project Hub and our Ticketing System with responses via email to answer questions or make minor account modifications.


Plan & Prepare

I believe in designing a Systems Suite that supports you and your business growth and development. On our Decision Call, we will discuss the tool(s) best suited to support your client journey, and work together to implement that solution.

After you've reviewed the proposal, signed the agreement, and made your initial deposit, we'll lock in your start date and start the fun!


Client Experience Strategy & Implementation

We'll meet 1:1 for atleast 2 hours to work through your current process steps, where they can be optimized and simplified, and layer on automation where possible.

Following the Kick Off call, you can kick your feet up! The transformation will officially be underway to ensure your workflows are built, forms beautifully designed, schedulers, customizations, and settings are executed, bases setup and Zaps zap'n and ready for you to begin using your within two weeks from our call.


Succeed with Support

You won't be left hanging!

You'll receive a 60 minute Project Walkthrough call to make sure you're comfortable and confident with your setup from start to finish.

Following the walkthrough call, you'll have a Systems Pro in your back pocket, along with access to a custom video library for an additional 3 weeks!

How It Works

the Becoming's Simplified Systems

A process audit and mapping exercise to identify ways to create a consistent approach for their CEO, OBM and Content team to not only create but manage the Becoming's content.

Case StuDy

Before Working Together:

This Airtable Project included:

Process Audit

Using a Trello framework as inspiration, we worked to design a path in Airtable to start all content creation with the CEO. She would jot down ideas, areas she may want those ideas showcased and the team was able to take over from there.

Content Creation Hub

Leveraging Airtable Automations, once a Facebook idea was ready for distribution, the records were moved to their respective tables for content design, review and approval.

Airtable Automations

In an effort to maximize Airtable's capabilities, we created a variety of different views across each table to give the content team ideas on what the IG grid would look like, which items were awaiting review + approval and which items were ready to be repurposed.

Content Process Mapping

We had a haphazard content system that was piecemealed together. That meant content took at least 3x longer to create and get out on our platform. Content was repurposed as thoroughly as it could be and we were lacking in our visibility.

Before Working Together:

We now have a gorgeous and thorough content distribution system that minimized the whole teams time commitment, allows us to be more visible and more consistent on ALL our platforms (plus allows for expansion into other platforms with minimal effort). Its a massive win and will only help us grow the brand and serve more of our audience.

After Working Together

Ashley was amazing. So thorough and helpful. She made suggestions to help move the project forward and create the best system we could. She was so kind, knowledgeable and took such great care of us throughout our time together. Ashley did a great job setting expectations throughout the project. Before we even started our work together it was obvious she was a professional and an expert in the feild. Her process was thorough and lacked nothing from our perspective.

This is For the CEO who...

• Is looking to put more structure around how they manage their biz data

• Is motivated to finding ways to elevate and enhance their client’s experience using the tool best suited for their business and industry

• Simply does not have the time to do it themselves, and wants to implement a cohesive tech stack and client experience 

• Is looking to make informed business decisions with easy to use hubs and interfaces

What Our
Clients Love

I have been chasing my own tail with the administrative process of my business for years. Ashley with Solution Integrators not only helped to build everything on the backend, she helped me to identify what processes were working and those that weren’t working. From there she helped guide me and build a system that not only worked, but that was intuitive for a taught brain guy! She has taken something stressful and made it fun. She is professional and kind and patient and personable. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work with Ashley!

Ben Easter of Ben Easter Photography

Ashley was an absolute joy to work with for the overhaul of our Dubsado processes. I've been an early adopter of the Dubsado CRM and it's been half automated and half manual which as a busy CEO, I didn't have the time to place all of my ideas into play; enter Solution Integrators! Ashley was efficient, knowledgeable, savvy and a great person to strategize how to take my ideas to create a viable solution. The growth in our business processes are attributed to our trust in her process to make OUR processes, shine and execute like a well oiled event production firm machine! 

Jillian Smith of OneTouch Events

Working with Ashley has been 100% worth the investment. She took a very chaotic system and workload, something that had been pieced together over the years, and turned it into a cohesive system that covered all the bases. She helped me and my VA learn a new software that could integrate with my existing programs and make my life easier. When ever an issue arose or I had a concern about the process, she was so friendly and kind, and really listened to my input and ideas to make sure that the new process worked for me. Her support is outstanding and her ability to take so many moving pieces and make them all work together is incredible. I had a lot of my Dubsado system set up already but again, in a very pieced together way, with no "expert level" knowledge of how to really make it all click for extensive project management. Ashley provides that expert level knowledge, shares everything she knows, and brings so much to the table to help prepare you for your work moving forward. 

Ashley Triggiano of Ashley Triggiano Fine Art

Hiring Ashley, with Solution Integrators was one of the better decisions I've made for my company. Truly a game changer for myself and Blackall Photography. I am finally running my business and not letting it run me! ;)  

Kelly Blackall of Blackall Photography

Ashley was responsive and very detailed in explaining the process. She took the time to learn a bit about me, my brand, and what my goals for the forms were. The service was personal and efficient and she answered many questions I had about the CRM overall. I highly recommend Ashley.

Lauren O'Brien of Lauren O and Co.

Transforming the way you do business, intake, manage and onboard new clients and get paid.

Freedom to hire a team seamlessly to manage your backend because it’s efficient, and structured enough for you to do so.

An Optimized Dubsado account with simplified and standardized workflows and process steps, with no limit on forms, emails, or workflows, to help you begin using it the moment we’re done

Our Done-For-You Airtable Setup Provides…




Book A Call or Ask your Questions via DM!

Fill out this brief application to help me learn more about you and your current needs, and to determine if we’re a great fit for each other!

Step 1

If we’re a great fit, you’ll receive a link to join a 20-minute decision call OR I'll reach out via DM and provide all the details behind our systems + tech magic!

Step 2

Following our chat, you’ll receive a custom proposal to secure your project dates and I'll handle the rest from there!

Step 3


Maximize your time, your business, and your Investment with our “Simplified Systems | Full Suite” offer. You’ll receive a full Dubsado and Airtable implementation and the implementation of the Project Management Tool of your choice for $10,000!

Our Systems Execution Sessions allow you to make on the spot improvements to the tool(s) of your choice. Whatever we can cover in 90 minutes is fair game. 


If you’re interested in using Airtable’s Calendar, Timeline, and/or custom colors features you will need to upgrade to the Pro Plan for $24/month. However, I will do my best to fully maximize the free plan and make sure you’re comfortable before upgrading to the Pro Plan. 

I loved working with Ashley. She created the forms and workflows that I needed. She accommodated my crazy schedule and my special requests. She is a smart and kind person and I am delighted to recommend her and her services!

Sabrina Friend of Its Sorted

Solution Integrators is absolutely wonderful! I use the client management system Dubsado. I've had it for years.. and haven't set it up effectively at all. Solution Integrators was able to go in my backend and do a complete system audit to provide action items to improve my entire workflow and operation. I worked with Ashley and she was personable and understanding the entire time. In a review of my action plan, she explained everything in an easy to understand way and gave step by step how to. She was able to give a comprehensive action plan that I can manage and do myself. She also explained her services if they were to take care of all of the set up and leg work for me.


Brittney Johnson of JFSM Productions

The Systems Strategy session was absolutely necessary and I would definitely recommend this before investing in software and setups. Ashley can give you the information you need to invest in the best software for YOUR business, help you maximize those software for where you're currently at and make a plan for how to update as you grow and scale your business.

Kim Powell of Explore Simplicity

Ashley was responsive and very detailed in explaining the process. She took the time to learn a bit about me, my brand, and what my goals for the forms were. The service was personal and efficient and she answered many questions I had about the CRM overall. I highly recommend Ashley.

Lauren O'Brien of Lauren O and Co.

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