What is a CEO Day?

If you’ve been in the entrepreneurial space for some time, you may have heard people talk about CEO days. I started implementing them in my schedule a few months ago, and can’t believe how much they have changed my business for the better. Now, I recommend them to all my entrepreneur friends! So, if you’ve never heard of a CEO day or want to know what mine looks like, you’re in the right place! 

What is a CEO Day?

A CEO day is a day solely dedicated to your business. You don’t do client work, take any calls, or answer messages. It’s a day for YOU and YOUR business. 

I have CEO days scheduled in my calendar every week. I know that’s not feasible for everyone, but I recommend having a CEO day at least once a month. You’ll be amazed at how much you can get done for your business in one day! So, the more CEO days you have, the more you can do for your business.

A CEO day gives you the space to think strategically about the direction of your business. You aren’t bogged down in client work (or at least, you don’t have to think about it on this day!), so you can plan for the future of your business. Devote time to think about the long-term direction of the business, set goals, and create actionable plans to achieve them.

Benefits of Working on Your Business

There are tons of benefits of a CEO day! These are just a few I’ve experienced myself:

  • Focus: I can’t get anything done in my business when I’m constantly interrupted by messages and calls throughout the day. Having a day without distractions makes me much more productive.
  • Creativity: When I have time to create, I’m a lot more creative. I’m in the mood and can get in the zone of creating. Stepping away from the daily grind gives me the mental space for creative thinking.
  • My Why: Having a day for my business helps me remember my why. Why am I dedicating time and energy to this business? I’m setting time aside to work toward the future and goals I want for myself.
  • Productivity: I’ve already mentioned this, but I’m super productive on CEO days. Without interruptions, my brain thinks faster and more efficiently, making tasks go quicker.
  • Big Picture: A CEO day gets me out of the hustle mindset and allows me to see the bigger picture of the direction of my business. If I don’t like how something operates in my business, I can change it!

Honestly, there are too many benefits to list. A CEO day can make such a big difference in your business. 

What My CEO Day Looks Like

How to Build CEO Days Into Your Schedule

The simplest answer is to just block off your calendar and commit, but I know that’s easier said than done! Client work can take priority over your own business. I get it – those are the people paying you for a service, and you need to deliver. But having CEO days is just as important as client work. Think of your business as another client and treat it that way when you sit down to work on things that will help grow your business.

I block off my calendar, don’t take any calls, and don’t do any client work. This day is solely for me and my business! It takes some planning to do this every week. For example, my CEO day is every Wednesday. If I have something due on Thursday, I know I really need to complete it by Tuesday. 

The point is if you want to have CEO days, you’ll make the time. I know it might seem impossible to dedicate an entire day to your business with all the client work you have. But maybe it’s a reality check to your capacity. If you can’t work on your business, it won’t grow. It’s as simple as that. My business has made leaps and bounds since I started implementing weekly CEO days. I can’t stress enough how important they are to the growth of your business.

What My CEO Day Looks Like

I start my day like any other by sticking to the same routine I have every other day of the work week. I work an entire business day during my CEO day. I have a plan going into my CEO day and a list of things I want to accomplish. Then I just get to work! I put on some background music and work on my list. 

These are some examples of tasks I work on during my CEO day. I don’t do all these every time I have a CEO day, but they are examples of what I work on.

  • Content planning and creation
  • Review deliverables from my team
  • Review monthly financial reports and plan for upcoming months
  • Create new lead magnets
  • Prospect new clients
  • Create templates for my shop
  • Make updates to my website
  • Check systems and automation to make sure they’re working correctly

At the end of the day, I see what I didn’t get to and move those to the top of the next CEO day’s to-do list. I’ll also list a few other things I want to get to on the next CEO day. I like to have my to-do list ready to go, so I make it at the end of a CEO day instead of the beginning of one.

Your CEO day will probably look different from mine because every business and every business owner is different. This is what works for me. I hope this blog helped you see how a CEO day can benefit your business! 

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