SmartSuite vs ClickUp: Choosing the Right Project Management Platform for You

SmartSuite vs ClickUp: Choosing the Right Project Management Platform for You

A project management platform is one of the tools I recommend all business owners have. It keeps track of everything you need for your client’s work and makes sure nothing slips through the cracks.

But with all the options out there, how can you be sure you’re choosing the right one for your business? 

That’s what we’re talking about today! In this article, we’ll compare two of my favorite project management platforms: SmartSuite and ClickUp. They both have features I love; I hope this blog helps you decide if one of these project management tools will help keep your business organized and productive!

Why You Need a Project Management Platform

A project management platform is the best way to keep your client’s work organized. When you work with multiple clients, it’s impossible to manage everything in your head or on a thousand sticky notes on your desk 😉

You also want a simple and streamlined way to communicate with your team. If you have contractors working on projects with you, you need a project management tool to oversee the progress of the tasks. It reduces unneeded communication via email, Slack, or Voxer when you can talk in a project management tool about specific tasks.

I also love the automation features project management tools have. It greatly reduces the tedious work needed from you (like assigning tasks, inputting tasks, and sending reminders). You can have automation do all that for you! You can instead focus on the actual tasks.

So now that you know you need a project management tool, let’s talk about two of my favorites.

smartsuite vs clickup


SmartSuite is a platform that connects your entire team. You can plan, track, and manage workflows relating to daily tasks or longer-term projects. I love SmartSuite because any team in an organization can use it! They have prebuilt workflows perfect for sales, marketing, HR, design, software, and customer success teams.

You can customize your view to your preferences. I prefer the calendar view because it lets me see my upcoming due dates and plan accordingly. People on my team like using timelines, cards, and Kanban to view their tasks. As a manager, I like the dashboard view, too, because it gives me a holistic view of how projects are moving along. If there are any concerns, I can see them in the dashboard and address them individually.

Now, I mentioned I love project management tools because of the automation. Well, SmartSuite has amazing automation features. You can automate repetitive tasks, assign tasks, post comments, and update statuses! SmartSuite can also sync with other tools like Gmail, Slack, iCloud, and Google Calendar; it’s a one-stop-shop tool for project management!

Pricing – It starts at $10/user/month.


ClickUp is a classic project management tool many entrepreneurs use. ClickUp is perfect for small companies just getting started or with a few employees. With the hierarchy system, it can be overwhelming to try to find what you need. Through system preferences, you can adjust your team’s settings so they only see what they need.

It makes collaboration with your team super easy. You can chat about specific tasks, create and review meeting minutes in ClickUp Docs, and celebrate important project milestones.

ClickUp automations are amazing! The one I like the most is assigning tasks. When one is marked complete or ready for review, ClickUp automatically assigns the task to someone else and notifies them. This streamlines the process to get a task done and improves the productivity of your team.

I also love the templates ClickUp offers. If you aren’t sure how to get started with the tool, templates are the way to go. You can choose from views, tasks, checklists, documents, and more!

Pricing – There is a free version, but I recommend the Business package for small business owners.

On-Demand Project Management

On-Demand Project Management

Have you decided which platform is right for you? I recommend signing up for a free trial for both before you decide. You’ll be able to explore the platforms and input test tasks. You can see if you like the layout and how the tool works before committing to a paid plan. 

When you’ve picked your project management platform, let me help you set it up! Sometimes it’s confusing to navigate a new tool. You don’t fully understand the capabilities right away. I’ll help you set up your project management tool, build automation, and create SOPs so your team can get started right away. 

If you’re still on the fence about which project management tool to choose, we can discuss it in the Plan and Prepare phase. Then, I’ll start setting up the platform, building automation, and integrating the tool with other platforms your business uses. The best part is you get three additional weeks of 1:1 support to help you get acclimated with your new setup.

When you’re ready to get started, send me a message

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