Let's be honest, creating SOPs sucks! 

But they are the backbone to running a successful online biz. This workshop will provide you with an easy to implement ClickUp, Notion or Google Docs template to integrate into the tool of your choice. 

Take the guess work out of where to start when it comes to creating SOPs!

Quick Wins Workshop | Creating SOPs in your PM Tool

included in this goodie

✓ Setup the foundation for your Operational, Client Management, Marketing, Financial, and Team Management SOPs in ClickUp, Notion, or any PM tool of your choice

✓ Create automations to help you review and keep SOPs up-to-date in your PM tool.

✓ Walk through SOP best practices as you look to grow + scale your business

✓ So that you can decide on the beest structure for you, your biz - you get access to ALL of the template versions - ClickUp, Notion AND Google Docs 

✓ Team Handbook Template AND an ideal SOP Template 

✓ Ability to submit questions for support you have, no matter when you purchase this goodie!

Snag it for $73!


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