Dubsado Setup Services

Dubsado Setup Services

When it comes to looking for the right Dubsado setup specialist, it may get pretty overwhelming!

What all do I need? How do I find the right Dubsado Setup Specialist? Is this a fair price?

All of these questions are valid before saying “I do” to any specialist. I want to ensure you’re equipped to make the right decision for you and your business! Below you’ll find three things to consider when looking for Dubsao Setup Services.

Systems and Strategy

I am a firm believer that you can’t effectively implement a tool without having a clear strategy in place. It’s important that prior to jumping right into a tool, you map out your client journey – from inquiry to offboarding. Whether you’re a new business owner or a seasoned vet, adding automation to a broken or inconsistent process, will only cause more issues for your business.

Instead, I recommend working with a Dubsado Specialist that takes the time to strategically map out your processes or workflow. Someone that identifies how your process should look if you were to do it manually and THEN layer on automation.

Education and Support

Once your Dubsado account is set up, it’s important that you are both educated on how to use the tool and empowered. Having a new shiny tool in place, but no direction on how to use it won’t benefit you. Ask questions regarding how much support time you get as well as what training or education opportunities exist. Ask questions about how you are able to request revisions. It’s also important to find out ways you both can continue working together. Are there opportunities to streamline other aspects of your business or ongoing retainer support?

Brand Cohesion and Design

Some may argue that design is as equally important as design! One of the great features of Dubsado is that it allows you to customize and showcase your unique brand. Proposals, Questionnaires, Contracts, and Lead Captures all give you the opportunity to bring cohesion across your brand. Ensure that when working with a Dubsado Specialist, you ask what content design is included. Are all forms being designed? Will the forms be designed with CSS code templates? How many form design revisions are allowed? Check out my form design portfolio for inspo!

Interested in Working Together?

Our Simplified Systems offer is designed not just to give you time back in your day, but also to streamline your client journey. We will ask the hard questions to break apart your business processes and put them back together in a way that enhances your client experience. We’ll create and design all Dubsado forms, Dubsado emails, and other content. We will meet to identify areas of improvement and ways to better integrate Dubsado with other tools in your business (i.e ClickUp, Airtable, Asana, Notion, etc.).

Walk away with an efficient and ready-to-use tool in as little as two weeks! Upon implementation, you’ll receive a 1:1 training call and three weeks of support! To learn more and schedule time to discuss how to create your Simplified Systems, click the link below.


I analyze your current systems and client journey in order to simplify it so that you can easily scale your business.

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