Using Dubsado Templates in your Business

Using Dubsado Templates in your Business

If you’ve checked out Dubsado, you may have discovered there are a VARIETY of ways to use Dubsado Templates! Dubsado has allowed its forms to serve a variety of purposes. Although they may be named “Questionnaire” or “Proposal” you can really use them however you see fit.

In this article, I’ll show you a few of the creative ways you can use Dubsado Templates in your business!

Dubsado Proposals and Welcome Guides

The two most obvious use cases for Dubsado Templates are Proposals and Welcome Guides! Easily tell your story to close a sell, and/or help new clients understand how to work with you and what to expect.

Dubsado Proposal Template
Dubsado Proposal Template Example
Dubsado Welcome Guide Template
Dubsado Welcome Guide Template

Need design inspiration? Check out a few templates in my Goodies Shop!

Dubsado Template: Estimates

I’ve seen the question raised often – “How do I send a client an estimate prior to sending the proposal?” Or “How do I send an estimate without creating an invoice?”

Option 1 | Create a Dubsado Proposal that does not have a Contract or Invoice attached.

  • You can enter the package options
  • Allow the client to select multiple packages to gain an understanding of what options are available and submit the form.
  • Doing so will create an invoice with what the client selected! From there, you can simply apply a payment plan and send the invoice!

Check out how to set this up below:

Setting Up a Dubsado Estimate that Creates an Invoice

Pro Tip

To remove “Proposal” or change the name to “Estimate” check out this code hack here: How to Change or Remove Your Dubsado Form Names

Option 2 | Follow the same steps above, however instead of allowing the client to submit the form, you can remove the submit button.

Setting Up a Dubsado Estimate without a Submit Button

Pro Tip

Use the code snippet below to hide the submit button!

#submitButton > button.btn.btn-primary.btn-lg.userBgColor {
     display: none;

Dubsado Template: Service Guide

A Dubsado Template as a service guide is probably my favorite template! We spend so much time building out website sales pages, as a result, we often forget that sometimes potential leads simply want a quick rundown of the services we offer, and how to get started!

You can create a service guide using a Dubsado Questionnaire. Once that questionnaire is designed, you can add it to a test project (I have a 2022 Forms project that I archive but use to share forms publicly!), and set up a URL redirect on your website or domain host, to send new leads the details!

Check out my Service Guide here: (yes, this is a Dubsado form!!)

Dubsado Template: Hiring or Podcast Application

Using a Dubsado Lead Capture form, you can create an application, support ticket, or even request for information form!

Simply use the top of the form to add images, text descriptions of what the form is for, what information you need from them – even include job or role descriptions, terms, and conditions…you name it!

At the bottom of the form, you can use the standard form fields to ask for the person’s demographic information, and qualifying questions and wrap things up with info on what to expect next.

Get fancy with it. Add a URL redirect to another website on the settings tab, once they submit the form!


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