Using Dubsado Templates in your Business

Using Dubsado Templates in your Business

If you’ve checked out Dubsado, you may have discovered there are a VARIETY of ways to use Dubsado Templates! Dubsado has allowed its forms to serve a variety of purposes. Although they may be named “Questionnaire” or “Proposal”, you can use them, however, you see fit.

In this article, I’ll show you a few of the creative ways you can use Dubsado Templates in your business!

Dubsado Proposals and Welcome Guides

The two most obvious use cases for Dubsado Templates are Proposals and Welcome Guides! Easily tell your story to close a sale or help new clients understand how to work with you and what to expect.

One Click-Add Proposals

A proposal can make or break a deal! It needs to have the right elements to be compelling and convincing for your potential client to want to work with you. These Dubsado Proposal templates will help to showcase you, your business, and your offer(s). All sections are completely customizable to match your branding and support you in marketing your offer. You can easily add it to your Dubsado account with one click! Check them out:

One Click-Add Client Welcome Guides

Now that you totally won that deal after using your new proposal template (😉), it’s time to welcome your client! Welcome your new clients with a Dubsado Questionnaire to get to know their business better. This Welcome Guide is designed to help you quickly set expectations and standards with your clients. 

You can easily educate and inform your new clients on what to expect when working with you, the details of the project, how to contact you, and more! Simply add your unique business copy, and you’re all done! Here are the welcome guides that match the proposal template you picked:

Canned Email Templates

Emails can take up so much of your day. Why not automate what you can? Email templates help you simplify and streamline how you communicate with potential and current clients. You can hit every part of the customer journey, including inquiry, booking, onboarding, fulfillment, and offboarding. Dubsado Templates make it so easy! Grab the email templates from my shop here

Event or Workshop Templates

Events, workshops, or masterclasses are amazing for lead generation. They’re a great tool for entrepreneurs, but sometimes the process to set them up takes forever. Dubsado Templates for events make the process easy and automated – just what you need! 

I created this template bundle because I saw clients taking way too much time setting up webinars or online events. Here’s what’s included:

  • One-Click Add Dubsado Sales Page / Public Proposal
  • Workflow Template for Onboarding + Delivery + Feedback
  • Welcome / Delivery Email with Calendar Link
  • 48 / 24 / 1 Hour Event Reminder Emails
  • Post Event Feedback Email
  • Thank You + Up-Sell Email
  • How to create and share an event on your Google Calendar
  • Zap Recipe to add the client to your Email List
  • Zap to track attendees in Airtable
  • Discount to purchase Airtable Biz Hub with table to track Workshop Attendees, Lead and Client Tracking, Project Planning, and More!
  • One-Click Add Dubsado Feedback Form

It’s everything you need to get started with online events! If the idea of setting it up has been stopping you from hosting a virtual event, now you don’t have an excuse!

Dubsado Workflow Mapping Guide

Dubsado is known for its workflows, so this guide will help you use them to their full potential! My goal for this training is to give you some thought-provoking ideas or questions to ask yourself to fill in the gaps in your process steps. You’ll be set to successfully build out your Dubsado workflows and know what to include for each workflow phase! Grab it here.

Dubsado Digital Sales Product Bundle Template

Do you sell digital products? Then this bundle is for you! It gives you everything you need to automate your online sales process so you can focus on creating more products! Check out the bundle.

Dubsado Templates make your life so much easier. Whether you’re a current user or a prospective customer, Dubsado can automate parts of your business that take up too much of your time and aid in creating an overall better customer experience. Check out Dubsado Templates today!

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