FAQs About SmartSuite

FAQs About SmartSuite

No matter the size of your company, workflow management will always be an area to continuously improve. Adjusting to possible changes in your industry will benefit your business in the long run. A comprehensive workflow management platform that provides effective workflow management solutions for your business is gold! SmartSuite does just that!

SmartSuite is a workflow management platform that helps you develop solutions and efficiencies in your business by setting up automation. It may even help you replace some of the existing platforms you might use. You’ll be able to add your team members to your account and add new ones as your business grows. 

With all these perks, you might have some questions. I want to share some frequently asked questions I get about SmartSuite. Let’s take a little bit and go over them each. 

What is SmartSuite?

If you’re new here and can’t tell already, I am a BIG fan of SmartSuite. SmartSuite is a collaborative workflow management platform that enables you and your team to plan, track, and manage all your workflows. The platform is changing how organizations get things done. Whether it’s a one-time project, ongoing operations, or everyday tasks, SmartSuite helps organizations manage their workflows efficiently. With over 200 templates to choose from, setting up perfect workflows tailored to team needs is quite simple.

Your team can quickly connect and communicate with any other team members, whether they work remotely or not, and create visual plans that show which projects or tasks need to be performed. SmartSuite offers a drag-and-drop interface you and your team can easily update to free up time, and all stay on the same page on several projects and processes. SmartSuite takes improving your business operations to a whole new level.

Can I set up automation in SmartSuite?

Can I set up automation in SmartSuite?

Yes! That’s one of my favorite features of SmartSuite! SmartSuite has many automations you and your team can set up to continue to improve the workflow management solutions in your business and daily processes.

SmartSuite uses no code automation to help you manage your workflows. You can set up automation within your SmartSuite account based on certain actions that happen (called triggers). I like to think of automation as laying dormant until the conditions you set up get them started. Those conditions are the trigger that wakes up the automation to start performing.

Does it replace other platforms?

Although SmartSuite is a versatile workflow management platform with many features, it won’t entirely replace other platforms like Trello or Asana. Different platforms have unique features and functionalities to meet the needs and preferences of your business and teams. It ultimately depends on the exact features and tools you need for your process. 

Before replacing a platform, make sure you assess the precise needs of your team or project. You can integrate SmartSuite with other systems to improve your and your team’s productivity and streamline processes. 

How many team members can I add to my account?

As your business continues to grow and thrive, there is no doubt you’ll need to add team members to your SmartSuite account. The plan you sign up for will determine how many team members you can add to your account. Starting simple on the free plan, you can only have three team members. On the other hand, if you choose to get the Team, Professional, or Enterprise plans, you can have unlimited users! SmartSuite offers one of the best cost-effective plans for a workflow management platform.

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What’s the pricing structure?

SmartSuite won’t break the bank. Isn’t that a relief? With the plethora of features and functionalities that SmartSuite offers, they have one of the best and most affordable pricing structures available. Their plans are divided into four tiers: Free, Team, Professional, and Enterprise.

  • Free – You are limited to only three users but get 100MB of storage and can have up to five solutions with 1,200 records per solution. This plan is great for those just starting out or only have a few team members who need to use it.
  • Team – This is where it gets good! You get unlimited team members and solutions, 5,000 records per solution, and 50GB of storage space. All of this and more for only $10/user/month when paid annually ($12/month paid monthly). This plan is ideal for teams ready to manage essential procedures and projects.
  • Professional – With the professional plan, you get unlimited team members and solutions, 50,000 records per solution, and 100GB of storage space. The professional plan is only $25/user/month when paid annually ($28/month paid monthly). If you’re a medium to large size business looking to streamline your workflow management solutions, this is the plan for your team!
  • Enterprise – Get unlimited team members and solutions, 200,000 records per solution, and 500GB of storage space. The enterprise plan is $35/user/month when paid annually ($41/month paid monthly). For divisions and businesses looking for cutting-edge functionality, scalability, security, and support this is your option!

The deciding factor will most likely be how many team members in your business need access to SmartSuite. The plans offer so much versatility that you can’t choose the wrong plan.

SmartSuite offers a range of workflow management solutions to help your business operate efficiently. With the no-code automation feature, you and your team can set up workflows, saving time and streamlining your processes. Although it may not entirely replace other system platforms, it offers a range of functionalities to tailor to your business and team needs. 

SmartSuite is very cost-effective, with options to fit businesses of all shapes and sizes, even the solopreneurs. SmartSuite is a great tool for any business looking to improve their workflow management. You already know that SmartSuite has a big thumbs up from me, so check it out for yourself and see what solutions SmartSuite has for your team!

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