Honeybook vs. Dubsado: Which CRM is Best For Your Business?

Honeybook vs. Dubsado: Which is Best For Your Business?

How do you manage your clients? If you didn’t mention a customer relationship management software, we need to change that. Instead of having invoicing, scheduling, contract signing, and payment processing in different places, a CRM consolidates everything into one neat platform. With this level of organization, it’s much easier to manage your current and potential clients.

Finding comprehensive customer management software can be challenging, especially when you don’t know what to look for. You want to choose a platform that fits all your needs while creating a streamlined and hassle-free process for your clients. Two of the most popular CRM software, Honeybook and Dubsado, are great contenders for this position.

The apps offer similar basic features, but their functionality and layouts differ. The best platform for you depends on the size of your business, the level of customization you want, and the features you need to manage your clients. So, which is best for your business?

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What is Honeybook CRM?

Honeybook is a suite platform built for organization and customer management. This software is very intuitive on the business and customer sides. Honeybook is a good option for new or service-based businesses that use other platforms for client communication and want one place to track and manage documents and transactions. Honeybook offers fundamental CRM features and automations to make invoicing easier for you and the client.


  • Customize proposal and email forms to fit your branding. Intake forms have fill-in fields that automatically populate new forms with captured customer information.
  • A meeting scheduler allows clients to book appointments with you based on your calendar availability. You can sync your calendar app for automatic updates and receive notifications before your meeting starts. 
  • Automations like email sending and push notifications make communicating with clients convenient. 
  • Ability to create, import, or use templates for contracts. You can edit and customize the fields to include other legal information applicable to your business. The e-signatures and signing initials are legally binding. 
  • Customize and automate invoicing templates for all your clients. Honeybook integrates with the client’s email so they can sign and pay all in one place. 
  • Payment reminders notify clients about upcoming and overdue payments. You can customize these messages and reminders to fit your brand voice. 
  • Honeybook’s online payment platform takes most major debit and credit cards. It supports bank transfers and allows direct deposits as well. 
  • Clients can set up auto payments for invoices or other recurring charges. 
  • Integrates with other bookkeeping applications and supports recurring bank transfers and direct deposits. 


Honeybook’s pricing is all-inclusive, but it only offers two tiers. 

  • Unlimited Monthly: $39 per month with access to all features.
  • Unlimited Annual: $390 for the year with access to all features. 

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What is Dubsado CRM?

Dubsado is a CRM suite that combines multiple systems into one platform to help businesses communicate with clients and their teams. This software is suitable for service-based and product-based businesses. Dubsado combines the basics of task management software with a client management platform to streamline transactions. For businesses that need more organization and automation, because they work with multiple clients, Dubsado is a great option.


  • Client acquisition emails, reminders, and notifications. These forms use client information provided in lead intake forms to auto-populate the appropriate fields. 
  • Super customizable forms and templates for proposals, contracts, and lead captures. Accepts e-signatures and integrates with the client’s email so they can sign in one place. 
  • Invoicing and reporting that supports recurring invoices, automatic payments, gratuity, and custom payment plans for individual clients. Dubsado doesn’t charge any transaction fees (but payment processor fees still apply). 
  • Colorful financial reports and charts that detail cash flows and earning goals.
  • Scheduling software that connects with your calendar and allows you to set availability for appointments. You can set up multiple schedules to offer different appointment types and durations.
  • A simple task management system tags individual projects and statuses. You can choose to make this visible to the client in their portal. 
  • It’s easy to create automations for you and the client. Construct a Dubsado setup that supports different workflow actions, like tagging projects or sending status updates to your team. 
  • Dubsado integrates with video conferencing apps, bookkeeping platforms, email providers, calendars, and other apps. 
  • Clients can message you and access information about project status, transactions, and contracts through their client portals


Dubsado offers payments on a monthly and annual scale with varying features. 

  • Starter: $20 per month; $200 per year
    • Unlimited projects and clients and client portals. Access to invoicing, payment plans, templates for forms and emails, calendar connection, and one lead capture form. 
  • Premier: $40 per month; $400 per year
    • Everything in Starter and access to more features. Scheduling, automated workflows, proposals, unlimited lead capture forms, and more app integrations.

Dubsado charges for add-ons to your subscription. Each business added to your account is a $10 upcharge. Dubsado charges for team members you add to the business. You receive three users for free before being charged for additional members. 

  • 4-10 users: $25 per month for all users.
  • 11-20 users: $45 per month for all users.
  • 21-30 users: $60 per month for all users. 

Consider Honeybook if you run a small, service-based business with a few employees. I would also suggest it to those with less than 15 clients who want a streamlined platform for storing legal agreements and financial transactions. Honeybook is ideal for businesses that use other apps for client communication and task management. It’s a more affordable software but lacks some customization options and customer management aspects other businesses want. 

Dubsado is a good choice for larger service-based and product-based businesses with less than 30 employees. I would recommend Dubsado to those with more than 15 clients who want greater customization and automation for their invoicing and proposals. Dubsado is a good platform for providing clients with one convenient place to access their transactions and messages. It’s also ideal for businesses with a heavy emphasis on bookkeeping because of the integrations and cash flow metrics. 

Both apps are viable options for businesses exploring CRM software! When it comes to basic features, Honeybook and Dubsado rank evenly. I believe the decision boils down to customization, organization, and the number of clients you serve. Both Dubsado and Honeybook offer free seven-day trials, so you can give it a go before committing. 

Every business needs CRM software! Navigating the CRM software market can be intimidating, especially when you don’t know what to look for! Fortunately, I’m all about finding and optimizing the platforms to best support your business. Let’s get in touch! Contact me today to simplify your systems. 

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