7 Productive Tips for Your Workday

7 Productive Tips for Your Workday

As entrepreneurs, we have a million things to do every day. When your task list feels overwhelming, your brain shuts down and refuses to be productive. I’ve been there!

I want to share some things that have helped me stay productive during my work day. These strategies have improved the quality of my work and helped me stay focused, so I’m not working 12+ hour days. I stay on top of my tasks and feel accomplished at the end of the day.

It also helps me not become burned out! I know that can be common in entrepreneurship. These strategies have given me healthy boundaries and removed wasted time throughout the day. I hope they help you, too!

1. Silence Distractions

I’m talkin’ email, phone, Slack, Asana, ClickUp, Trello, Zoom, Voxer, and any other app that constantly sends you notifications. Your attention is broken immediately when you see a notification pop up on your desktop or phone. Even if you don’t check the notification right away, it throws off your groove. 

I recommend enabling the Do Not Disturb feature when you need a few hours to concentrate. Then you can spend the last 30-60 minutes of your work day going through and replying to notifications. You’ll be much more productive without constant interruptions, and you can produce higher-quality work for your clients. As long as you respond promptly (usually within 24 hours), your clients won’t be bothered by not having an immediate response from you.

2. Create a Priorities List

Sometimes we get caught up and overwhelmed by our long, never-ending to-do list. Instead, set a priorities list for the day. Here’s how you do that:

  • Decide which tasks absolutely need to be done today.
  • Order them in terms of importance.
  • Break the larger task up into smaller tasks.
  • Start checking them off! 

I recommend also having your task list arranged for the next day. That way, if you cruise through your day’s priorities list, you can get ahead of the next day’s list. If you want to, of course 🙂 Or you could take the win and log off early for the day!

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3. Take Breaks

As counterintuitive as this may seem, breaks allow your brain to reset. They don’t have to be long breaks; sometimes, even five minutes can do the trick. Take a few minutes away from your computer and do something else. Here are some things you can do on a break!

  • Take a walk
  • Grab a snack
  • Cuddle a pet
  • Call a friend
  • Check the mail
  • Run a quick errand
  • Do a quick chore (dishes, laundry, etc.)

I DON’T recommend scrolling through social media on your break. I’m sure 99% of the time, you’ll end up spending more time than you originally planned on the platform (guilty). Instead, do something productive that allows your brain to focus on something else.

4. Change of Scenery

Changing your office space for the day can greatly improve your productivity. Going to the same desk and the same computer with the same distractions can put you into a routine of unfocused work. I like to switch it up and work somewhere else for a day or two each week. These are some ideas!

  • A different room in the house
  • Your backyard
  • A local library
  • A coffee shop or cafe
  • A co-working space

Changing your routine can put you in a headspace of feeling refreshed, something that will spark creativity and productivity.

5. Know Your Productivity Hours

Some people are more productive in the morning, and others are in the evening. It’s important to know when you’re most productive; designate harder tasks during those times. For me, I know I’m most productive in the morning. I prioritize waking up early to take advantage of those early morning hours. I do the hardest tasks first, then save ones that require less brain power for the afternoons. Do what works for you! 

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6. Create Automated Systems

Automation can greatly impact your productivity. When you eliminate the tedious tasks, you have time for bigger items on your to-do list. No matter what platform you use (Asana, ClickUp, Trello, Airtable, Honeybook, Dubsado, etc.), you can automate parts of your business. Some examples are:

  • Sending and following up on invoices
  • Assigning tasks
  • Setting meetings
  • Publishing social media posts

If you need help setting up automated systems, reach out to me

7. Batch Work

When you can, batch your work. You can do this in a few different ways. You can organize your work by the client and finish all the work relating to one client in a sitting. Another option is to organize tasks by type of work. An example would be completing all social media posts for every client. Batching work forces you to focus on one thing, instead of trying to jump between tasks or clients. It streamlines your train of thought, and you can get much more done in one sitting.

These productivity tips have greatly improved how I stay focused. It was trial and error to figure out how I work, so don’t be discouraged if one of these tips doesn’t work for you. Your routine is very individualized, so try a few of my suggestions and discover how you can create your most productive day. Good luck!

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