What is an On-Demand Project Manager?

What is an On-Demand Project Manager?

Have you considered hiring a project manager for your business? A project manager organizes, plans, and executes projects within your business. They oversee the completion of the project and manage the team members involved. Project manager skills are unique, so they are a great asset to your team. However, as a small business, you might not need a full-time project manager.

Enter on-demand project management.

An on-demand project manager comes with the flexibility to work on your terms and within your budget. They are perfect for businesses that need occasional help with special projects. If that’s you, continue reading to learn how an on-demand project manager can add value to your business.

What is an On-Demand Project Manager?

An on-demand project manager offers flexible project management services to your business. Many large companies require full-time project managers for multiple projects happening simultaneously. 

However, smaller companies only need project managers during certain seasons of business. A new project launch, for example. That’s where on-demand project managers are perfect! You can utilize their services only during the seasons you need extra assistance with your business.

There are so many things a project manager can help with! These are a few examples:

  • Developing a new website
  • Launching a new product
  • Establishing systems and processes within your business
  • Creating workflows
  • Scaling content production

The possibilities are endless. Hiring an on-demand project manager would be a great business move.

Benefits of an On-Demand Project Manager

Benefits of an On-Demand Project Manager

While there are many benefits of an on-demand project manager, here are some that are prevalent to small businesses!

You decide on the projects.

Where do you need the most help in your business? Hire a project manager to take those things off your plate! You have complete control and flexibility to hire for the projects you want to prioritize. Here are some examples of projects and the outcomes after hiring a project manager to help:

  • Launch a new offer with seamless systems and processes.
  • Hire a team and delegate so your business runs without your supervision.
  • Execute marketing efforts to book new clients.
  • Develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), so you have defined processes for your team.

Hire when you need help.

As mentioned, you may not have the budget or need to hire a full-time project manager. An on-demand project manager is available when you need extra help in your business. You can rest assured knowing your money is being spent mindfully.

Get organized in your business.

Organization is something many business owners struggle with. You likely DIY’d your business and worked at it yourself until you grew enough to hire help. However, the DIY aspects of your business may not have been updated as you grew. 

An on-demand project manager can help you get organized in your business processes and tools. You might not realize how efficient and automated your business can be! Here are some ways a project manager can help organize your business:

These are things business owners often don’t think they have time for. That’s why you need an on-demand project manager to help! Your business will become so much more efficient and organized after setting up these processes and automation.

Solution Integrators VIP Project Management Day

Improve productivity within your business.

The main role of a project manager is to ensure deadlines are met, and the budget is maintained. With someone dedicated to overseeing the project, you can feel confident knowing it will get done on time and within budget. It will encourage the team to stay focused on the project, improving productivity. The project manager will also make sure the work produced is top quality.

Increase customer satisfaction.

The goal of any business is to keep customers happy. Meeting deadlines, ensuring quality work, and improving systems are all ways to do this. A project manager is in charge of projects like these, improving customer experience and overall satisfaction. You’ll gain a competitive edge in the process, too!

Solution Integrators VIP Project Management Day

My on-demand project management VIP day is perfect for the busy CEO who wants to have systems in place that work for them. You can enjoy your days off without worrying about things getting done in your business because they’re happening behind the scenes!

You’ll get a customized 12-week implementation plan to help you set up your project management tools, hiring plan, and onboarding process. You can hire the right people and have a consistent process without fail. Here’s what’s included:

  • 2-hour planning call
  • 12-week implementation plan
  • Client experience process documentation
  • Hiring plan and onboarding checklist (plus tech setup!)
  • Airtable business operation hub
  • SOPs

Book a decision call today to chat through your options and make sure the VIP Day is right for you. I can’t wait to talk to you!

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