Simplified Systems for Doulas and Midwives

Midwives, Doulas, and Birthworkers – this one’s for you! The world needs more of you in it! So, let’s make sure your dream mama has what she needs to welcome her new bundle of joy into the world with you by her side. Keep reading for my tips on creating simplified systems for initial inquiry to postpartum care. P.S. Don’t get hung up on the tools just yet. Focus on falling in love with HOW you make magic.

Are you my person?

Now, while I have yet to birth a little human, I can say that as a woman (and a black one at that), it’s so important that I feel not just seen and heard, but understood. Birth is a super vulnerable time, and women want to feel comfortable with their midwife or doula.

Help someone feel warm and fuzzy by allowing them to hop on a call and connect with you in a way that feels organic. Ditch those standardized emails and tell them why you love doing what you do and why you are their person. The call shouldn’t be super salesy. Instead, focus on connecting with the woman or couple. By the end, you should both feel the start of a friendship.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

We hope the birthing process is that easy, but one process that should be easy is your booking process. Give the mama all the details she needs before booking you. 

  • How many prenatal appointments she gets
  • What level of care they will receive
  • Are postpartum visits included?
  • Do you have an overnight option?

These are all examples of the details a mom would want to know before booking you. I recommend having an FAQ section on your website and/or booking page answering as many questions as you can. Women birthing at home (or for the first time ever) will probably have a million questions. It’s best to answer the common ones on your website before they even have to ask.

Lay out everything they need to know about working with you in a proposal so they can make this decision. It should be one of the easiest along their pregnancy journey!

After Payment is Received

Immediately upon signing, send your welcome guide. Let them know how they can contact you, times you’re available, how to ask questions, and when to expect care to begin. The welcome guide can have an additional section for FAQs specific to working with you. It’s your job to make Mama feel comfortable and confident in working with you. Remember – not just seen and heard, but understood!

Client Experience Notes

Once baby boo has arrived, your support may end, but the memories won’t! Build into your process a reminder to send a card or gift on the baby’s first birthday. You could also custom-curate a care package to deliver to Mama post-delivery. These small gestures mean a lot to clients – it shows you care about them and enjoyed the experience of working with them. It could also earn you a referral or two!

Doulas, midwives, and birthworkers – your job is so important. I don’t want to let a bad customer experience lose you future business! These simplified systems are easy to put in place and will help make sure your customers are satisfied with their experience. If you need help putting new processes in place, reach out to me! I’d love to customize systems for your business.

About Solution Integrators

To keep it simple, I’m Ashley, a Chief Systems Officer. I take your complex problems and find ways to simplify them. My goal isn’t just to save you time (saving you time is the easy part!) – I want to fully level up the way you interact, manage, and fulfill offers for your clients. I want to help you provide a cohesive experience. An experience that not only feels like quality but looks that way, too. From onboarding to offboarding – I want to transform each phase of interaction from lead to signed client. Let’s work together!


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