In this one hour workshop you will learn how to track your Lead data from Dubsado and into Airtable! 

This workshop gives you a ready to implement template PLUS a BTS view into how our team manages all Lead data out of Dubsado to make informative and data driven decisions.

Including conversion rates, # of leads by referall source and industry, and more!

Workshop | Tracking Lead Data from Dubsado in Airtable

✓ Recorded, easy to follow workshop detailing what's required in Dubsado to begin tracking core lead metrics

✓ Airtable hub and Interface template available to add to your account with one-click

✓ Submit your questions for a Loom video response

✓ Click to copy Zapier recipes to quickly add to your account and begin pulling in data from Dubsado to Airtable automatically!

included in this goodie

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