CSS Coded Forms in Dubsado

Have you seen those beautiful, eye-catching Dubsado forms? No, not the ones with Canva graphics, but the scroll-stopping coded forms?

Don’t get me wrong, Canva serves its purpose. It’s great for creating social media graphics, visually appealing PDFs, and powerpoints…but when it comes to a Dubsado proposal that stands out from the rest, you need a little more oomph.

That’s where CSS Coded Forms come in.

You’ve probably done a ton of googling by now for coded templates and found a few contenders. I’ve had the chance to try out a couple of them, but it was quickly clear that one, in particular, was far better than the others.

Before I get to the good part, let me continue to sell you on the benefits of CSS Coded Forms in Dubsado!

  1. Static Images are not responsive

    • Meaning, once your form is built in Dubsado if you view the form on a tablet, desktop, or mobile device the images don’t resize to best fit the device you are viewing the form on. Lammeeee.

  2. The customizations are (mostly) limitless

    • With every form I design, I find something new and creative to implement on a form. For example, I provide my clients with a pretty lengthy intake form, so that they don’t have to keep scrolling alllll the way down to the bottom of the form every 5mins to save, I’ve added a sticky submission bar on my form so that my clients always have the ability to hit “save draft” or “submit” right from the bottom of their screen at all times! It’s pretty legit, I know.

  3. Conditional Logic is a thing

    • Dubsado will eventually implement a version of conditional logic to make our workflow lives even that more magical, BUT with coded forms I have the ability to hide/show additional questions based on previous answers selected. I can provide additional package options if a client selects Package A and a different set of options if they select Package B. You’ve got options!

Now before I go on…all CSS Coded Form Templates are not created equal!

Take it from someone that has actually used a variety of the templates that are out there…Dub-Ins is several steps ahead of the competition. 

Here’s why:

  1. It’s CODE FREE!

    • When you purchase a Dub-Ins template you get access to Genie the Generator. It’s as magical as it sounds and allows you to build your Dubsado form creation, code-free.

    • Dub-Ins and Genie are better than most CSS Coded templates for many reasons lol but the biggest is the simple fact that you don’t have to touch a single line of code, you don’t have to know code, you don’t have to spend hours manipulating code snippets around your Dubsado form, then more hours trying to figure out why it’s not working the way you want it to.

  2. Test it out for $FREE.99!

    • Design your entire form in Genie, create your very own unique templates using dozens of custom-coded plugins built for any Dubsado form, AND view your design on your live Dubsado form directly within Genie.

    • Create and design your form exactly how you want in Genie, “Rub the Lamp” and paste the magic into your Dubsado form. It’s really that simple!


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