Dubsado and Google Sheets – Using Zapier to Capture Testimonial

Dubsado and Google Sheets

Dubsado and Google Sheets

Creating a Dubsado and Google Sheets integration can be a GAME CHANGER for your business! Do you love using Dubsado questionnaires to capture client info, but hate that you can’t export all client data into a single place? Yea, me too!

Because I often go, full geek, I’ve found some creative ways to use Dubsado’s features to best support my biz, and track data where I need it most – this includes finding creative ways to integrate Dubsado and Google Sheets. I like to use a questionnaire to gather client feedback/testimonials, but not being able to export the data or throw it into a spreadsheet with all my other metrics, was a pain.

How does it work?

I came up with a way to get the data submitted in my testimonials questionnaire, into my KPI tracking Google Spreadsheet using a combination of Project Mapped fields and Zapier!!

If you didn’t know, project mapped fields can be zapped to a spreadsheet row, you’ve just gotta know when to zap em!

Within my Dubsado workflow, once a client submits that testimonial form, I have the project status change to “Past Clients” – that’s my trigger for Zapier to know that I want it to take action.

Want to see it in action?

I recorded a quick video for a Dubsado Community Member recently, check out below:

Using Dubsado and Google Sheets Integration

Need help setting up your Dubsado and Google Sheets integration?

During a 90-minute Systems Strategy session, we can build out your Google Sheets (or even Airtable!) integration live on the call! You will walk away with a ready-to-use tracking mechanism to report on a new lead or client data.


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