Quarterly Planning as a Service Provider without hating it.

It’s been forced into our brains that the key to having a successful business, is planning. Whether you do it monthly, quarterly, or yearly – you’ve probably figured out at this point that Goal Planning is a necessary evil lol. I usually sit down at the end of each quarter to reflect on my progress to date, things that could’ve gone better, and pat myself on the back for the things that went well.

Then the daunting feeling of figuring out where to go for the next quarter, or quarters ahead, sets in.

I’ve tried throwing everything into an unorganized task list. I’ve tried the whiteboarding method. I’ve even tried just taking a blank sheet of printer paper and writing out whatever came to mind at the moment. Naturally, I then turned to the internet to find templates I could use to help make the process “easier” – I quickly realized that most of the templates were created for very specific industries or business owners…aka not me lol.

How I quarterly plan for my business

I quickly realized I had to take matters into my own hands!

I needed a way to brain dump my ideas, categorize them into buckets – financial, operations, personal, etc. – and then set realistic targets for completion, without feeling like a failure.

I had already been using ClickUp to manage my day-to-day and business tasks but hadn’t really found a great way to manage goals. So I decided to take one for the team, and build a template of my own – you can thank me later!

Not only do I feel more empowered to sit down and plan at ANY time of the year, but I’ve been able to more easily expand on ideas, that ultimately spark more ideas, more ways to do business, more ways to grow, and succeed.

Regardless of if you sit down each month, or twice a year – this Quarterly Planning ClickUp Template was designed for the service provider that needs structure but with the freedom to plan as you go.

Want to hear from me directly on how to customize this ClickUp template for your business?

The beauty of this template is that you can tweak it to meet the needs of your business – whether you’re a Tech Integrator, OBM, Web designer, or Social Media Manager, this template gives you the kick-start you need to feel confident planning for the future.

If you want to work through using this template for your business, optimizing your current systems and tools, or even exploring ways to better build out processes for your current offer – Let’s Talk Strategy!



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