The Best ClickUp 3.0 Features to Utilize as a Small Business Owner

My Favorite ClickUp 3.0 Features

I’ve been a long-time user of ClickUp, and as a systems strategist for small business owners, I’ve used a lot of task management systems. ClickUp continues to be the one I recommend to my clients because of its simple and effective functionality. 

With the new ClickUp 3.0 features, there are even more ways entrepreneurs can use ClickUp to stay on top of their client work and grow their business. I want to share some ways I use ClickUp for my business and how I set it up for other business owners to use efficiently.

Customization of Tasks

One of the best features of ClickUp 3.0 is the personalization of tasks. Every business has different needs for a project management system. That’s the problem with others on the market – they can’t customize their system to the needs of their customers. 

Well, ClickUp 3.0 has solved that problem. Task types can fully represent anything I want to manage in ClickUp. That can include accounts, cases, and backlog items. You no longer need to have multiple platforms; it’s all customizable and in one place. I love it when I can consolidate platforms and depend on only one. 

Custom Field Manager

I’m all about personalization and the ClickUp 3.0 Custom Field Manager does just that. It allows you to customize tasks, views, workspaces, spaces, folders, and lists. You can basically make ClickUp do anything you want to with this feature! There’s no longer a need to have multiple platforms because one doesn’t do something you NEED, but another one does. It’s all customizable and in one place. I love it when I can consolidate platforms and depend on only one!

ClickUp AI

I know AI is starting to take over the world. Regardless of your stance on the debate, the AI feature in ClickUp 3.0 is greatly helpful to me and my business. It saves me time by summarizing long chunks of text and coming up with creative ideas related to tasks. I know this is just the beginning of AI in ClickUp; I expect to see more AI features in the next release.


Automating repetitive or small tasks is one of the most time-saving activities you can implement into your workflow. ClickUp always had great automation features, but now they’re even better. The automation library has templates for most tasks, but you still have the option to create custom automation that doesn’t require any coding. ClickUp automation now has more advanced logic, so you can automate more parts of your business, better. You can easily implement it into your workflow so you don’t waste time on repetitive tasks. 

Viewing Tasks

With the new Task View feature, you can see upcoming tasks in the sidebar versus a full-screen popup. I LOVE this feature. The pop-up was distracting, and I couldn’t see around to other things I was working on. Now, my tasks appear in a sidebar so I can continue to work in ClickUp while seeing the details of the task I’m working on. 

Inbox 3.0

The inbox feature is much more functional than it used to be. The inbox layout highlights my most important notifications at the top so I can see them right when I log in. The new inbox also has a side-by-side view of work associated with a high-priority task. This allows me to prioritize tasks and see other subtasks that may be of importance to the main task. It’s another place to remind me what I need to work on and make sure I don’t lose track of anything related to the task. With so much going on in the life of an entrepreneur, this feature helps keep my life in line.

Universal Search

It’s so frustrating when search functions don’t work correctly. Luckily, you don’t get that with ClickUp 3.0. Not only does it provide faster and more relevant search results, but it also can search through files in connected apps. If you have Google Drive, Loom, Slack, or other apps connected to ClickUp, you can search for files on these platforms through ClickUp. I’ve noticed an increase in my productivity when I don’t have to switch between apps all day. I can find everything I need within ClickUp.

Intuitive Design

I’ve been loving the clean design of ClickUp 3.0. The look and feel make it easy and quick to find what I need. This new design brings the focus back to the user instead of everything the platform can do. Overall, the new design is refreshing and intuitive for existing users and new users alike.

I love the new home page layout, too. I can see an overview of tasks I’ve recently viewed, my agenda for the day, new tasks assigned to me, reminders, and new comments. When I log in for the day, I get a snapshot of what has been recently completed by myself or my team, and what’s still in progress. If there were any updates since I was last online, I can get caught up quickly so I can get right to work. 

ClickUp 3.0 has unmatched reliability and performance compared to other project management platforms on the market. That’s why I’ll always recommend ClickUp to my clients. It’s a one-stop shop for all things project management. 

If your business needs some serious organization, automation, and systems, I’m your gal. I can make scaling your business easy through workflows and automation. I’ll do all the tech work you’ve been avoiding! Contact me today to learn how I can help make your business more efficient with tools like ClickUp. 

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