How 6-Figure Business Owners Are Setting Goals for 2024

How 6-Figure Business Owners Are Setting Goals for 2024

Have you started planning for 2024? The end of the year is your last chance to set your vision for the next year. I love goal planning. It helps me stay on track with what I want to achieve in the next year. When you think back on 2023, you’ll be amazed at how much you’ve accomplished!

I once had trouble with goal setting. I thought it was silly and a waste of time. But that’s because I was doing it wrong. I wasn’t thinking like a 6-figure business owner. I was static in my goal setting. If you’re in the same place, this blog is for you. I want to share how 6-figure business owners are setting goals for themselves in 2024.

Have a Clear Vision for the Year

By the end of 2024, where do you want to be in your business? Maybe you want a new website. Maybe you want to open another store. Maybe you want to launch physical products alongside your services. Maybe you want to create and sell an online course. Whatever it may be, picture what you want to have achieved this time next year.

Successful business owners have a clear vision of where they want their business to go. Then, they align every short-term goal with that vision. Every big goal should have several small goals that align. Let’s use the example of creating and selling a new online course. That’s the big goal, and these are examples of small goals that align with it:

  • Book guest presenters
  • Design PowerPoint presentation
  • Complete content plan
  • Invest in quality audio and video recording devices
  • Record course
  • Upload to a secure site
  • Market your course on social media, emails, guest podcasts, etc.

There are so many small goals and tasks that need to happen before you achieve your ultimate goal. I typically have 1-2 big goals for the year and many small goals alongside them.

how to set business goals

Prioritize Goals

Next, you need to prioritize your goals. Six-figure business owners prioritize goals based on their impact on overall business success. I recommend focusing on tasks that contribute directly to revenue growth or customer satisfaction. These are the things that will boost your business growth the fastest. 

Again, with the online course example, that will directly impact your business revenue. Let’s say your other goal is to rebrand your business. While this can influence your overall brand reputation, it doesn’t directly impact your revenue. I recommend making this your second priority.

You may also want to consider prioritizing easy wins. These are the goals that are relatively easy and inexpensive to achieve but can make an impact on your ROI. For example, you could decide to start to grow your email list. While this isn’t inherently hard, it can greatly impact your business revenue for the year.

Data-Driven Decision Making

When was the last time you looked at metrics? Successful business owners rely on data to inform their goals. They analyze key performance indicators (KPIs), market trends, and other relevant data to set realistic and achievable goals.

This is a great way to inspire new goals if you’re stuck in that area. Take a look at the following metrics to see if there are areas you want to improve:

  • Website traffic
  • Conversion rate
  • Email opens and clicks
  • Profit margin
  • Client turnover rate
  • ROI on marketing campaigns
  • The success of new launches

Data gives you insight into how well your business does in certain areas. There will always be areas where you can improve. Pick the ones that will have the greatest influence on your larger business goals and overall revenue.

Continuous Adjustment

Goals are not static. Six-figure business owners regularly review their progress, assess what is working and what isn’t, and make adjustments as needed. This process should be done every few months throughout the year to ensure goals stay relevant and achievable.

Be flexible in your goal setting. Just because you set a goal in December of 2023 doesn’t mean you have to stick with it if it no longer aligns with where you’re at in your business. Successful business owners are adaptable. They recognize that the business environment can change, and they adjust their goals and strategies accordingly.

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Invest in Personal and Professional Development

Six-figure business owners understand the importance of continuous learning and personal development. They set goals for their own growth and skill enhancement, recognizing that their personal development is tied to the success of their business.

I love investing in professional development. It gives me a sense of pride to learn something new and implement it in my business. Here are a few things you can look into in 2024:

  • Networking events
  • Conferences
  • Online courses
  • Coaching programs

Investing in yourself is never a waste of money. By involving yourself in any of the above ideas, you could land a new client, meet a future business partner, or learn a new skill to offer as a service. You never know unless you put yourself out there!

Setting goals for 2024 is exciting and important to the future success of your business. When goal setting, think like the business owner you want to become. If you’re ready to get started with goal planning, check out my growth planning checklist. My ‘Big Ideas Business Growth Planning Checklist‘ is specifically for six-figure female entrepreneurs looking to scale their businesses. This essential tool provides a clear, actionable roadmap for your growth journey, combining strategic insights with practical steps. Check it out!

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