What is Dubsado? Invest in a Business Management Tool

What is Dubsado

What is Dubsado, and Why do I need it?!

When you first started your business, you were eager to make money! You snagged your first client and closed the deal. You probably drafted up a contract in a google doc, signed up for Square or Stripe and things were great! 50+ clients later and you are still manually sending contracts via a google doc, you are hunting down outstanding payments (or you may not even know what’s outstanding ).

Should I be using a Business Management Tool?

Dubsado is a tool designed for small business owners to manage and nurture their client relationships. In its simplest form, it allows you to intake new clients, schedule appointments, provide client contracts, questionnaires, or other forms, and get paid with automated invoices and email reminders.

Sounds pretty great right? Because it is.

How do I get started with Dubsado?

I recommend that before you dive in, you take time to write out your process steps. I’ve created a free 3 day systems challenge to help you do just this (check it out here) so I won’t bore you too much lol. But processes must come before tools!!

One of the great things about Dubsado is having the ability to get your feet wet before having to pay for a subscription. Dubsado allows you to use up to 3 clients for FREE! There’s no time limit on using those 3 clients, and you can build out and test all the information you need and feel completely comfortable and confident before signing up for a monthly or yearly subscription. Once you are ready, unless you are signing up during their annual birthday sale, Dubsado is about $40/month and $400/year.

Looking for a discount code?

Save 30% off your first month or year by using code: SISAVINGS or by signing up here.

Investing in your Business with Dubsado

  • Automating and optimizing your current processes = an investment in your business
  • Putting tools in place to ensure you’re paid timely and efficiently = an investment in your business
  • Enabling your clients to book appointments with you, WITHOUT you having to respond to an appointment request via DM or email = an investment in your business
  • Providing your clients with a cohesive and branded experience with every interaction and form = an investment in your business

So what’s stopping you from achieving these things?

Coming to the understanding that you can’t do it all yourself! You can continue to operate as you do now or you can make the decision to level up your business and your client experience by outsourcing the hard work!

Finding the right Systems Strategist

It’s important as Service Providers that we stay in our “Zone of Genius”. No matter how big or small the project may seem unless we’re experts in the space it’s impossible to know all of the knowledge, the time, and sweat equity that goes into offering a service.

For example, with Dubsado or Honeybook it’s clear that there is a pretty steep learning curve. The solution offers incredibly robust automation and even more customization opportunities – but getting to the point of fully optimizing its capabilities takes time. Asking an expert to “just change up a workflow” doesn’t really exist!

Dubsado Setup – What to Consider

When looking to outsource your Dubsado setup, it’s important to consider these things:

  • Does this person provide any Workflow Mapping opportunities?

  • Do I have a max on the number of forms, emails, or workflows to be built?

  • What is the time from start to implementation?

  • What type of support do I get?

  • Am I getting a unique setup vs a templated setup?

  • Will I get integrations set up with Zapier, ClickUp, Asana, or my email?

Your Return on Investment for outsourcing your Dubsado Setup

As a Systems Strategist, I work to ensure my clients know that I look at each business uniquely, with the understanding that the way they work is specific to their business! It’s important to think about how much time you’re spending on tasks that I will not only automate for you but also optimize and simplify so that you’re able to work smarter and more efficiently! When you consider your ROI think about:

  • How much time do you spend responding back and forth with new leads before meeting with them?

  • How many proposals do you send out manually each week?

  • Once you send those proposals, do you have to also use DocuSign to send a contract, and square to manually send an invoice for payment?

  • Are you chasing down unpaid invoices each week?

  • What about the time you spend onboarding each client individually?

  • Even if you’re partly using your CRM today how much time are you spending manually tracking data via Google Sheets or creating tasks in your Project Management tool?

These are simply just a few items that can be automated when hiring a Systems Strategist! And while you may get a sticker shock when you inquire to work with them, it’s important to understand the strategy they bring, their expertise in systems and tools, and their time spent learning the in’s and out’s of a tool that isn’t in your zone of genius!

My client’s are proof that the time savings alone is worth the investment!

“I was able to automate the most intensive part of my sales process.”

Ashley was on point with communications and very professional. I felt confident in the service I received. And the gift!

Alysia, OLYMPUS Consulting & Accounting

“The best investment I’ve made in my business in the last 6 months”

From the moment we got started together, I told my husband that this was the best investment I’ve made in my business in the last 6 months…and it’s not just for me, it’s for the client!

Carlisa, Carlisa G Brand Photography

Need additional support setting up your Dubsado account?

Dubsado offers a free education course – Dubsado 101 – to help get you acquainted with the basics and terminology of Dubsado. I recommend it for all new users as they work to get more familiar with the tool and prepare to begin using it with clients!

For additional support, our team offers a Done-for-You Dubsado set up to take the guesswork out of setting up your account. We’ll start with detailing your client journey and process steps to gain a clear understanding of how you do business today and ways to simplify and eliminate gaps.

From there, we will fully take over by building out all your Dubsado collateral for you. Your forms and client portal will be designed to match your business branding. Schedulers, packages, and payment schedules are developed to fit your signature service. Workflows are built out for your entire client journey, from hello to goodbye, and emails are written for you to help further streamline and automate the way you do business!! Want integrations setup between Dubsado and Zapier or Dubsado and ClickUp, Asana, or Trello? We’ll do that too!


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