Using Dubsado to Sell Your Black Friday Offer

You’ve worked hard to create an offer that sells, and packaged it in a sweet deal but now it’s time to actually deliver it. If you’re currently a Dubsado user, I want to share 3 ways you can easily use Dubsado to sell your Black Friday offer. From digital products to workshops, events, masterclasses, and even a group or 1:1 program – you’ve got options!

Dubsado Public Proposals

One of the great benefits of Dubsado is the ability to fully customize forms – more specifically, a proposal. Using a public proposal, you can design a website-like sales page to showcase your offer, allow new leads to select the offer of their choice, and either be taken right to your agreement or to their invoice for payment, all with a single link. Even better, after that proposal is completed you can auto-trigger a workflow to initiate delivery or an email with the next steps.

Selling Digitial Products in Dubsado

Have you created a digital resource, toolkit, or checklist and want to easily sell and deliver it using Dubsado? Once you’ve set up your package(s) with all available digital product options, you can easily add them to a public proposal to either share publicly or embed on your website.

Upon payment in Dubsado, your Workflow can be set up to immediately deliver the product via email. I recommend saving your digital product in Google Drive or Dropbox, and simply sharing the link to the product via a button in the Dubsado email. Once delivered, you can choose to follow up within a certain # of days, request feedback, or even upsell the new client to another product.

Selling a Workshop, Event, or Masterclass in Dubsado

Planning a live (or pre-recorded) one-time event? Allow users to purchase the event, again, using a public proposal. I recommend creating a public Google calendar that includes the Zoom or Google Meet link and sharing access to that calendar via a public link. Once payment is received, you can trigger a workflow that will share the link to the public calendar via their welcome email! You can even set up reminders to be sent on a fixed day/time for the event, as well as feedback and upsell sell emails all in a Dubsado workflow.

Want an easy way to track attendees? Use Airtable! When a new attendee signs up in Dubsado, you can have Zapier add them to your event attendees’ table in Airtable to track all of their info for future reporting purposes.

Selling a 1:1 or Group Program in Dubsado

Take the overwhelm out of onboarding and checking in with program enrollees, by creating application, intake/onboarding, and fulfillment workflows in Dubsado. As mentioned above, a public proposal helps you to get paid with ease! But for a program, maybe you want to qualify leads first. You can fully design a lead capture form as an application to get your new leads in the door. Once the application is submitted and reviewed, trigger a workflow to have them complete an agreement and pay their invoice.

Once paid, onboard the new enrollees by sending an intake form and welcome guide to level set expectations. Create reminders and to-dos for you to check in on a regular basis. Even better, integrate Dubsado with your Project Management tool to stay on top of program requirements.

You’ve got plenty of options! Before you begin to purchase yet another tool or software, use one of these handy templates to create your Digitial Product or Event in Dubsado!


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