How to Do a Business Systems Audit

How to Do a Business Systems Audit

Let’s be honest… When was the last time you did a business systems audit? Maybe it’s been a while, and that’s how you ended up on this page 😉 Hey, it’s okay! We’re going to learn how to do a business systems audit together.

At least once a year (preferably once a quarter), I do an audit of my business systems to find out what’s working well and what’s not. Systems are supposed to help your business operate more smoothly. While they can be a ‘set it and forget it’ type of business operation, audits keep everything up to date. 

So, let’s chat about three ways you can audit your business this quarter!

Assess Your Blackout Dates

What dates do you plan to be completely out of the office, not working, and not available? Make sure they’re marked on your calendar, AND you have a plan to complete client work and/or pre-schedule marketing while you’re out. I usually blackout dates on my calendar as soon as I know them. For example, if I book a family vacation, I block my calendar immediately so no one can schedule a meeting with me or expect me to deliver work during the dates I’ll be gone. 

Blackout dates can apply to:

  • Vacations or family events
  • CEO Days (days you are ONLY working on your business, not client work)
  • Conferences or events
  • Holidays (or time off around the holidays)

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Tech Stack Audit

Let me guess – you signed up for a tool subscription deal (or two) and haven’t even logged in 😅 I’ve been there! I get suckered into free trials and never end up canceling the subscription. Oops.

Take some time to map out what tools you’re currently paying for, how much, and when the next payment is due so you can plan to cancel or renew. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll save by canceling the tools you don’t use! 

You might even find you’re subscribed to tools that do similar things. Think about how you can consolidate your tech stack for even more savings (time and money!) Here’s an example: You started your business by using and paying for Trello to keep track of client work. You eventually moved to ClickUp but still use Trello for a client or two. Move those accounts over to ClickUp and cancel Trello. You’ve saved money on your Trello membership and your time by using only one platform to manage client work. 

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Review All Automated Emails

When was the last time you took a look at the emails your new leads and clients receive from your CRM? It‘s time to dust those things off! Maybe your branding, messaging, or offer has changed since you last wrote those emails. Or maybe you just want to freshen up the tone. Either way, take a look and make sure your automated emails are still relevant. 

Those automated emails could include:

  • Welcome sequences
  • Lead magnet downloads
  • Proposal, contract, invoice, and meeting reminders
  • Auto-responders
  • Testimonial, survey, or referral requests

After you perform a business systems audit, you should be good to go for a few more months! Like I said, I usually do this quarterly just to make sure everything is accurate. I don’t want my clients or leads to have a bad experience with me because something I automated is inaccurate! If it’s been a while since you did a business systems audit, make it a goal to do one this week! Then, I recommend scheduling it into your calendar (or better yet, on a CEO day) to make sure you don’t get behind on your audits. The more often you do it, the less you’ll have to do every time! 

Do you need help setting up automation in your business so you can work more efficiently? I’m accepting new clients and would love to help you set up, automate, and optimize your business systems. As a result, you’ll have happier clients, more time back in your schedule, and systems that do some of your work for you! Contact me today!

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